lisaamd asked:

I love these characters and from what I've managed to work out of the story it all looks like great fun and can't wait until the comic is done. But I've been wondering if you've been working on this for so long because you love them so much and want them to be the very best they can, or if you're struggling with the consent issues/implications, getting Elle together with her abductor/sexual harasser?

This is a really great question and thanks for asking it. The answer is a bit of both to be honest. The kicker for the chemistry behind Mias and Elle is based around this absolutely appalling act of kidnap on Mias’ behalf. In no way did I want the element of Stockholm Syndrome or submission to be incorporated into their relationship. It’s too easy, and Elle deserves better than that. Not saying there’s anything wrong with submission though ;).

So the trick has been to really understand these characters strengths and weaknesses. I need to make Elle strong yet vulnerable and I need to keep Mias’ Ego inflated, but keep him flawed also. How he and Elle react to each other has been so tricky to develop, trying to work out the kinks in what issues a storyline like theirs would provide. But lets not forget Mias is an ass and Elle is a naive little thing. Shenanigans will happen. And they will learn from it. And it’ll be fun for everyone, I hope. 

EDIT: I just want to be clear that when I first started Mias and Elle the whole dominant/submissive and Stockholm thing was unavoidably there, it came with the territory of events, so the development was to find away around that and keep outcomes fresh and new (hopefully). I’m glad I did. I can’t wait to show you what came from that…

littlestfurball asked:

Dear Jenny, first of all I loveyour art! >< I also have a question to ask: is there another posibility to get the bookmarks you posted? For those who cannot attend the MCM?

Hi, Thank you and I’m very glad you’re interested in buying them! The answer is yes, most certainly. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to go about doing it but probably here or on my (long neglected) dA page. I’m sure I’ll have plenty left over. I’ll definitely let all of you know how and when. :)