That follow up song I mentioned. Of course it’s Lau. Well a Lau version. I’m partial to the Kate Rusby and Gryphon versions of this too, but Kris Drever’s vocals are so lovely here. I always see this as a Mias song. Elias isn’t so remorse-ful-ie… Again thumbed years ago, never finished.

Realised that both of these songs… all of the tragic ones, end with an inserted Elle, dead. Sorry Elle…

I’ve always wanted to make a short comic for this lovely, sad song. Even went as far as thumbing it. I imagine this as an EllexElias relationship (yes, ship all the characters, all of them!). Basically it doesn’t end well.

There’s even a follow up song… God, I have to do this someday. Love tragic deaths. As long as it’s me writing/drawing them. Any others are too much for me to deal with ;__;

toolittlelineartime asked:

This is not really an ask, but I just wanted to say that I love what I have seen of Mias and Elle. As much as I would love for you to publish it really soon, I'm glad you're waiting till you feel you can give the story justice for then the end product will be the best it can be. I can't wait to get it once you do make it!

Thank you so very much. And thank you for being so patient. I really want to give you so much more.

ellegance30 asked:

Have you thought of/would you work with someone to write Mias and Elle while you work? That way a general story plot could develop while your life continues! But it would be there!

That’s a really good question that I have been asking myself for a long time. I have been uniquely overwhelmed, over the last few years, with so many creative writers coming forth with brilliant fan fictions and it’s been mind blowing. Sometimes I would sit and read and think, “holy crap! I can’t do this. I can’t compete with this standard. I’m an artist, not a writer! THEY should write this!!”. Then I’d hit the Gin and contemplate what I was doing with my life. I kid, but often I’ve thought about teaming up with someone who could punch up a script and I’d draw up the pages.

My weakness has been my lack of organisation for my own projects, but then I want them to be my own projects and I want to prove to myself I can do this on my own. And I think I’m scared of it not being fun any more if I have to shared responsibility with another person. It’s my baby and I’ve been nurturing it a long time and I at least want to first book drawn before I contemplate sharing. It’s doable, I just have to grow some balls and get on with it… after I grow some balls and get on with Oula.

Thanks for the great question :)

h-hogsmeade asked:

Hi :) can you tell us how you got the idea for Mias and Elle? How did it all start? I remember Mathieu and Elle from the Tea Merchant Coffee House from some of your early works on deviantart. Was that the same Elle?

Hi! Thanks for the question, I certainly can. It was 2006 and I had a wicked awesome dream about a girl kidnapped by a magician and living and working in his castle. I thought it’d be cool to think about what living with the enemy would be like and what the dynamic of that kind of relationship would lead too. At this point I had a whole line up of characters from a web comic I wanted to start called “Tea Merchant Coffee House”, which I never got off the ground, mainly because the idea of Mias and Elle swamped it. One of the characters was Elle and I quickly recycled her for this role. It is the very same Elle. Elle is an animated character from my second year film called “The Cafe”. There is even a scene where (her love interest) Mathieu was dressed up in a scene as a vampire, which closely resembles an early Mias ;).

One of my very early ideas was to keep Mathieu as a character in Mias and Elle, and write it so that Mias had stolen Elle away from him. It didn’t work out as I didn’t want to over complicate the story with too many love interests. So I made Elle ditch the good guy and go off with the bad one. Far more interesting if you ask me.

Aimee Mann’s song “Deathly” was a large inspiration to the feel of Mias and Elle back then too, and over the years there have been so many tid bits of inspiration to help shape the story. Its been a fun growth. :)